This site is dedicated to the Atari Robokit.Robokit Interface

The Robokit is an interface for the Atari ST that plugs into the cartridge/rom port. It allows the connection of switches/sensors and various DC components (like motors, lamps and servos) which can be controlled by a host application run on the ST.

The board was designed to control Lego Technic and Fishertechnic components, however there is no reason why you could not use it to drive other devices provided they are capable of operating at 4.5 volts.

After acquiring a Robokit interface and eventually some of the Lego Technic kits referred to in the manual, I got pretty hooked on it and this lead me to start investigating the hardware and software further. This journey has so far lead me to some interesting places as well as gaining contact with one of the original designers and people who worked on the project within Atari.

I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through this site which I hope will be of use to anyone who also owns the device or is simply curious as to what it's all about.